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Kaip susitarti dėl pinigų tikslų,


    kaip susitarti dėl pinigų tikslų

    With the arrival of the euro on 1 Januaryit was necessary for the EU to redefine monetary relations with countries and territories which had previously used the French franc and the Portuguese escudo. Similarly, a new monetary footing needed to be established with EU neighbours, such as Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican. These had no national currency of their own, but used those of countries which subsequently adopted the euro.

    Exchange rate matters France was able to continue its agreements with the West African Economic and Monetary Unionthe Communauté économique et monétaire de l'Afrique centrale and the Comoros.

    kaip susitarti dėl pinigų tikslų

    These guaranteed the exchange of CFA Communauté Financière Africaine and Comorian francs into the French franc at a fixed rate for as long as the French franc continued to exist.

    Portugal was able to continue its agreement with Cape Verde.

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    They were allowed to use banknotes and coins in francs until 30 June Monetary relations Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican signed monetary agreements with the EU before the introduction of euro banknotes and coins in These have been renegotiated to correct some shortcomings. They authorise the 3 countries to use the euro as their official currency.

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    They must: not issue any euro notes kaip susitarti dėl pinigų tikslų coins unless the agreement allows this; comply with EU rules on euro notes and coins, copyright and exchange of damaged notes; protect euro notes and coins against counterfeiting. Andorra asked on 15 July for a monetary agreement with the EU.

    kaip susitarti dėl pinigų tikslų

    This was concluded on 30 Juneenabling the country to use the euro as its official currency and, from Julyto issue its own euro coins. This consolidated version is of documentary value only.